“Barn Theatre wraps up season with ‘Raunch and Roll.'” August 2012, Battle Creek Enquirer. Director/Author Brendan Ragotzy talks about his hopes for the rock musical past the Augusta, Mich.-based Barn Theatre, and his wife and actress Penelope Alex Ragotzy discusses her role. I used a Sony camcorder to shoot footage and used Final Cut Pro X to edit the package.

“Locals organize vigil to remember victims of Connecticut shooting.” December 2012, Battle Creek Enquirer. Dozens of residents flocked to a local park on a chilly afternoon to honor and release balloons for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The event was sparked by a parent’s idea and was organized in less than a day. I used an HD Canon camcorder to record footage and used Final Cut Pro X to edit the project.

“Local law enforcement goes holiday shopping with kids.” December 2012, Battle Creek Enquirer. Area law enforcement agencies teamed up to participate in the city’s first-ever “Shop with a Cop” Event. I used a Sony camcorder to shoot footage and used Final Cut Pro X to edit the package.


TimelineScreenshootLINKS: Goguac Lake: A History | Police, City Leadership & Public Perception | Downtown Battle Creek



Using, I made infographics to accompany online versions of my stories.

  • Battle Creek’s JARC Funding” ā€” An interactive look at federal transit funding the city of Battle Creek was set to lose, prompting officials to cancel some services put into place for jobseekers.
  • The evaluation” ā€” Battle Creek City Manager Ken Tsuchiyama received mixed reviews from city commissioners during his annual job performance evaluation. A 2 percent raise, characterized by officials as a”cost-of-living adjustment,” was on the line for Tsuchiyama.


Screenshot of a website about diversity in higher education by Jennifer Bowman.
Diversity in the U.S. Higher Education System” ā€” I wrote, reported and analyzed data to report the ethnic percentages and gender proportions of public higher education institutions in the U.S. in comparison to San Diego County. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to create the website, and Google Charts and Microsoft Excel to create the infographics. The project was a part of my digital journalism class at San Diego State University.


“Campus Buzz #2: Interview with KCR College Radio’s Josh Hoffman”

Josh Hoffman, a journalism student at San Diego State, became general manager of the university’s student-run radio station to change its reputation and visibility on campus. I worked with The Daily Aztec‘s web editor, Joseph Young, to interview, shoot and edit the video package. The project was created with Final Cut Pro and Audacity. It was published on the newspaper’s website as part of it’s online “DA TV” segment.


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